Nathso V 60

1. Helps reduce vaginal discharge
2. Helps improve the menstrual cycle
3. Helps reduce excessive odor and itching in the intimate organs
4. Helps improve body metabolism
5. Helps tighten intimate organs


2×2 capsules/day. Taken day and night
to help reduce symptoms (treatment)

2 × 1 capsule / day. Drink day and night
to help maintain health (maintenance)

Store in a dry place below 30 degrees Celsius, avoid direct sunlight, and keep out of reach of children

150 mg curcuma longa rhizoma extract
125 mg piper nigrum fructus extract
100 mg punica granatum pericarpium extract
75 mg carica papaya folium extract
50 mg areca catechu semen extract

Warnings and cautions:
1. Consuming Natsho products needs to be balanced with the need for fluid consumption of 8 glasses or the equivalent of 3 liters per day.
2. Discontinue use if unwanted side effects occur.
3. Consult a doctor if the mucus is not reduced, smells, yellow or bloody.
4. Consult a health professional or doctor if used in conjunction with other drugs.

Helps reduce excessive mucus in the female area.

Contra indications:
Avoid use in patients who have contraindications to the composition of this product.